Established in 1972, Loch Gallery has prided itself in advising clients on what should be considered when establishing a collection of art. The fundamental rules never change; when building a collection of art, it is quality and not quantity that is important.

Our Specialties

We specialize in original 19th and 20th century Canadian artwork of collectible and historical interest, as well as a select group of gifted professional artists from across the country. In addition to our specialty in Canadian artwork, we offer expertise in the fields of 19th and 20th century American, European, and British art.

Galleries in Toronto, Calgary, and Winnipeg

Loch Gallery is the only gallery exhibiting historical and contemporary art in all three of these Canadian cities. We present regular exhibitions featuring our contemporary artists, in addition to special exhibitions that feature rare and important historical Canadian Art. Alongside our physical exhibitions we also host virtual tours to better serve our clients.

Art Evaluation and Appraisals

Since 1972, collectors, businesses, institutions, and estates have relied on Loch Gallery to appraise artworks for a wide variety of purposes including insurance, tax, charitable donations, financial and estate planning. Our years of experience make us particularly adept at interpreting comparable sales, both public and private.


Selling paintings is not as straightforward as it might seem. With decades of experience working with collectors, we help make selling your artwork an easy process. If you are thinking of selling original artwork, Loch Gallery offers a viable and safe alternative to auction houses. Selling artworks privately through our galleries can offer significantly higher profit margins and lower fees. When buying or selling valuable original works of art, we respect the privacy of our clients. All sources of artwork are kept strictly confidential, and transactions are conducted in a straightforward and professional manner.

Get a Free Selling Estimate

<EstimateForm>Fill out the free estimate form,</EstimateForm> and we'll get back to you promptly with an estimate and/or further guidance.. Please ensure that you include clear images of the front and back of the artworks. If you have multiple items, or are representing a large collection, please contact one of our galleries directly by email or telephone. We only provide estimates for artworks that are relevant to our gallery.

Estate Services

Many art collectors leave their collection in the hands of an executor who may not have a clear direction on what to do with the art. We are here to ease the stress of dealing with an estate by establishing a plan and guiding you through the process of selling your loved one's collection. With over 50 years of experience, Loch Gallery is fully qualified to assist with valuation and sale of artwork. Our estate services for art collections will ensure that you understand the value of the artwork, and the opportunities available to carefully manage the estate.

Leasing Program

Our leasing programs are a convenient and economical way for our clients to build their art collections. The lease agreements are made directly between our clients and Loch Gallery—no outside leasing or finance company is involved. Monthly lease payments are based on 2.5% of the retail value of the artwork. The lessor has the option to buy-out the lease (in whole or in part) on the second, third, fourth or fifth anniversaries. The minimum term of the lease is 24 months. Please contact us for more details about the tax benefits of this program.